PURGE THE ARBITRATOR, unit Death Metal dari Pulau Pinang telah mengedarkan Cassette Tape keluaran mereka berjudul "Pain Theory Addiction". Tape ini boleh diperolehi pada harga RM10 (termasuk kos pos). Tape ini adalah keluaran Nusantarajim Productions. Purge The Arbitrator yang dianggotai oleh Mr.H (vokal), Blackbeard (gitar), Jackal (gitar) dan Arbit (dram) juga ada mengeluarkan sebuah self-titled EP dalam format CD yang turut diedar pada harga RM15. Hubungi: ptaofficial@hotmail.com

"It's all started in October 2010 when Blackbeard and Arbit (ex-Psyrosix) decided to form a new death metal band with a new brand of members. The recruitment process is not an easy task for them and they do believe comitment in the band comes first in order to hold tight the band's structure itself. They recruited Mr.H (Spiral Beneath) and Jackal to complete the line up which also their Penangites friends. They began to compose songs and practically tighten the song in the jamming session. They decided to put Purge The Arbitrator as the band name which suit with the direction and the music of the band. With the journey that never end, Purge The Arbitrator hope that their music can be heard to people from all over the world. Purge!"

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