LIFELORN - "Katalis Sebuah Obsesi" EP 2013

Katalis Sebuah Obsesi
EP 2013

1. Naif - 5:45
2. Katalis Sebuah Obsesi - 6:52
3. A Sullen Rapture - 6:04
4. Zydis - 9:16

Released 7 April 2013 
A - composition & programming

Hailing from Malaysia, Lifelorn performs an EP full of instrumental shoegaze-y post-black metal that we are proud to have as one of our first 3 official releases. The limited edition comes with a screen printed patch (white on black) and a logo button. Limited to the first 10 out of the 50 total hand numbered copies. - Fragile Branch Recordings

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this artist creates a dense yet peaceful style of black metal that calls to mind efforts from groups like Lustre or earlier Jesu. While there is certainly a sense of darkness that often comes with the genre's overall aesthetic, I feel as though the catharsis here is greater than the misery. As an instrumental effort, I feel this album opens up enough space for the listener to imprint their own personal meaning without the artist's vision losing its clarity. There is beauty, and there is discomfort. This tape works best when each layer of the music is allowed to build up rather than all being presented at once--hearing the individual pieces as they grow towards a single entity is quite satisfying. While I try not to pick favorites, this one is uncommonly good and comes with the highest of recommendations. - Black Metal and Brews



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