Personally I think this new release is a total different monster than our previous albums. I really think in term of arrangements, this is by far the most aggressive compositions that we have ever done. It is more in-your-face and i love the new sound. This album is different, and in a good way. Although lacking in soul-grippin-mellow-ish parts, it is a sincere album. We still have a slow tempo song as we agreed that it is a must add on for Herriot. From the beginning it is in a way, a tribute to Malay Rock. I truly can't wait to present to you this freakin awesome of a release! We stayed true to our root... we stay true to metal. If you fukkin want a trendy bullshits, look else where. We hope to stay this way for a long time. Stay true and support! Hail. - Chen Herriot.

1. The Mechanics of Self
2. Set to Burn
3. For All The Memories
4. Animated Existence
5. The End (Will Set You Free)
6. The Flame Of Discontent
7. Riders Of The Black Storm
8. Utopia's Burning
9. Exit Wound

From left to right: Adlan (guitar), Azim (guitar), Zar (bass), Chen (vocal), Mukriz (guitar) and Fariz (drums). WE ARE MELODIC DEATH METAL.



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