Good news for everyone! Online Pre-order for DAARCHLEA "Bunga" T-shirt is now available! For those who missed out and constantly been asking about DAARCHLEA merchandise before, be sure to get your hands on early as this t-shirt is up for LIMITED quantity only. DAARCHLEA will not reprint this.

MYR 60.00 (including postage within Malaysia)

Place your order now by completing details as follow:

Full name: (full name here)
Address: (mailing address)
Contact number: (phone number)
Email: (email address)
Items: ("Bunga" t-shirt)
Size: (t-shirt size)
No. of Items: (quantity)

Send to daarchleastore@gmail.com and DAARCHLEA will get back to you for payment info or any enquiries (if any). Thank you for your support!


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