New releases:

Psychotic Sufferance / Antro 
split title: Trapped By Grind
Released by: Nightfall Distro (Costa Rica) 

Psychotic Sufferance / Major Cunt
Released by: Vilenoise Recordings (Scotland)
Will be released in 20 tapes, 30 Cdr and of course the free download stuff. 

Out Soon:

Psychotic Sufferance next releases will be a 3 way split with CULO, Mierda De Humana. Will be released by No Brain Production (Peru). PxSx will contributing 13 tracks for the split. It consisting 9 studio tracks and 4 live tracks that being taken from their live appearance in “Road To Band Fest gig” that being held in Purple Haze Studio Nilai. The great things is the man behind Culo is Miguel Tipacti guy behind classic Peruvian noisecore band such as Atrofia Cerebral and Audition Irritable and also the editor of Bulla Extrema zine. Expect the noisecore carnage from third world country soon!!

In Progress:

Here we have done a new collaboration project between Psychotic Sufferance / To-die (one man noise experimental from Yogja, Indonesia). The idea of this project is similar to Rectal Anarchy by Gore Beyond Necropsy / Merzbow.

Psychotic Sufferance gave some old live track that being taken 2 or 3 place that the have doing live to be remixed, damage and manipulated by To-die. So far, 8 tracks have been done so far with running time of 19:20 minutes. Some of the others tracks are still in heavy construction. 

Here are some track sample:

Now we are digging back all our live track in our collection back in 2008, hoping that Psychotic Sufferance can do a release of this collaboration under any label that into doom, harsh noise, power-electronics, noisecore or drone releases. While their in hiatus at this moment, It seems that Psychotic Sufferance are moving ahead with full of devastation force of noise grindcore. Looking forward to do any split or collaboration with any band and labels in future.


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