The eastern sky is still the same but not for the northern most state in Peninsular Malaysia, Perlis when a few souls got enchanted by the exotic piece of dark art and music from an Italian band that goes by the name Mortuary Drape.

Ever since the darkest experience they had through the music, they started digging out as many bands similar as possible. For the time is now here, they have decided to be apart of this darkened lust and formed a band. In the year 1996, Pendekar Yahusafat (guitars/vocals), Pendekar Yakshirmiz (drums) and Pendekar Yakshaown (bass guitars), these 3 dark entities have made their mind to sacrifice and be the lightbearer of dark and gloomy music, composing their own songs besides doing covers of As Sahar, their biggest influence that particular time.

For a start they called themselves Medusa and added Safannah to complete the dark atmosphere within their art and music. Since then Medusa Safannah did not turn back to look what is behind but to forward into battle, practicing and improving their skills, musically and lyrically. There are times they utilized the cassette recorder in order to record and keep their musical journey alive. The most interesting part of Medusa Safannah is that they have at least 2 of their own songs recorded but still one outside the circle have ever heard of it, be it individuals or any existing zines that time. It's their best kept secret!

After few months of activities together they call it off for a while and in the middle of 1997 they're back again with something new. Pendekar Yahusafat a.k.a A.G Arafatz (guitars/vocals) renamed this band with a new monicker Massafannah, an acronym of Medusa Safannah.

Yudi Khunus (guitars), Yant Vampira (bass) and Lee Double Voice (drums) then joined Massafannah at the end of 1997. Massafannah was an active band at that time together with another band they had a jamming session with, Black Priest lead by Zam Arau. Masafannah once again was put to rest for a while when A.G Arafatz moved to Shah Alam to continue his studies and same goes to other member of the band until Massafannah was put to sleep forever with no tombstone to mark its existence.

Years gone by as Massafannah is out of the Malaysian scene, now they've returned and reincarnated by the name Medussa Safannah, summoned by the sole member of Massafannah, Yant Vampira a.k.a Yant Dharma. Based in Penang, Medussa Safannah is now ready to spread the art of total darkness and gloom!

Yant Dharma – the only remaining members in collaboration with Zarm (ex-Byzantium), started the new Serpent Monastery and rebuild the Empire. Byzantium that was formed in 2003 by Zarm (bass), Tyrants (guitar) and Shah (drums). Through the dark era of Malaysian metal scene, Byzantium recruited Zack (guitar/vocal) and Shah left the band due to personal issue and been replaced by Pitt. In 2004 Byzantium recorded their 1st unreleased promo entitled Dawn Before War and performed in a few local gigs. Zack went back to England and Byzantium were put to rest until 2011 where Zarm and Yant recruited new members to replace the former line-up. The name Byzantium was no longer been used due to some conflict in scene that can’t be explained and with respect to Zack which is the mastermind behind Byzantium. The current line-up is Yant Dharma (guitars), SS (vox), Johnmag (drums) and Zarm (bass). Medussa Safannah plays War-Raw Black Metal for those who owned the black heart.

Founded: 1996

Genre: Raw Black Metal Tyrant

Zarm Ouija - Bass
Yant Dharma - Lead
Wann Redzuan - Rhythm 
SS - Vocal
John Mag - Drums

Salmizal Saad (manager)
SS (vocal)

Yant Dharma (lead)
Medussa Safannah

Hometown: Penang, Malaysia

Record Label: Qalaqas Black Art Productions

General Manager:
Salmizal Saad 

Influences: old-Dark Throne, Enthroned, War

Current Location: Penang, Malaysia

Contact Info:
Press contact - qalaqasblackart@yahoo.com
Booking agent - qalaqasblackart@yahoo.com

- Day Ceremony Held At "Local Musical Penang" (17/09/2012)
- Impiety Ravagers Of The Asian Empire Tour 2012 (12/10/2012)
- Teroka Minda Mini Showcase (30/12/2012)
- United Metal Attack Vol.4 (05/01/2013)
- March Of Aggression - The Allegiance Of Darkness And Death Gig (06/04/2013)


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