DISSECTOMY - "New Tyranny Unsurpassed" (2014)

Greetings despicable mortals...

After a measurable period of hiatus, and with a ravenous debut album to be unleashed upon the human-race; like rabid-wolves upon enfeebled prays - the DISSECTOMY death legion has returned with iron-fistful of visual assaults that are deemed insidiously menacing yet profoundly dominating... 

These portraits reek of primordial hatred; a 'propaganda' if you will, they are to celebrate the band's upcoming full-length decimation: "New Tyranny Unsurpassed" (to be unleashed by the dawn of 2014 C.E), as well as the horde's 10th Year in existence (since 2003).

Until the next command from us, DO NOT stray off the radar, as more updates will be unveiled very soon! We will see you putrefying humans again at the 'live' battlefield in the year 2014... and NO, DISSECTOMY is NOT (and NEVER will be) DEAD, as we are back from a 'known-oblivion', Stronger Than Ever!!!

Leon - Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals
Jakpa - Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Dark.E - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Fariz - Drums and Percussions

Photo credits:
Jo Ghazali (Kubica Studio Space: Arts + Photography)

Tyrannical Regards
(Bass & Sermons ov Mockery)

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