MUAT-TURUN | TUSSOCK originally formed by Acad in late 1999 with two other members, Hafiz and Bujal in Muar, Johor. These Muarian crustgrinder later on invited Fadzee/Ganga (VIOLENCE) to joined the band. In 2001, TUSSOCK participating a compilations project and with the absent of Bujal (bass) due to his commitment to his new job in Shah Alam, Selangor. They vomiting 4 tracks for JOHOR HARDCORE COMPILATION (BROKEN NOISE). Line-up 2001: Acad (vocal), Hafiz (drums), Fadzee/Ganga (guitar). TUSSOCK were invited to entering studio in 2002 to record an EP. The EP will be released by GRUNDAR PRODUCTIONS owned by Prop (ARGON/PARKINSON) and Fadzee with Acad decided to recruit new comrade and Sopex (SACR) to fit in. But two week after before the recording begin, Hafiz leave the band without giving any reason. Luckily they found Fauzi (NARSAMUM/DAMOKIS) that willing to help thru the recording process. 2003, Out Of Rhyme EP was released. Line-up 2003: Acad (vocal), Fauzi (drums), Fadzee/Ganga (guitar), Sopek (guitar). TUSSOCK journey not so well. After two years the EP was released, Acad the last and only former member quitting the band and a year go by TUSSOCK was put to his sleep. The return..2010, Fadzee/Ganga decided to reformed the band back with help with Bob (NAVRATHOS), Moha (EYES POPPING OUT), Akmal (VIOLENCE). As a result 15 tracks of Sarcastic violence of hate crust grindcore ready to blown your mind!!!

Tussock - Devastation Of Nuclear Proliferation
Full-length Demo, Self-Released, 2011

01. Have You ?!
02. Macheni, This Is Grindcore
03. Devastation Of Nuclear Proliferation
04. This Is What I Thought About Government
05. Authority
06. Politician Scum
07. There Is No Fucking Alient
08. Definasi Emo Dan Grind
09. Hash Feelings Hash Extreme
10. So Effective
11. Grindlove
12. Where The Truth
13. Scenester Hierarchy Fuck Off
14. We Are Poser
15. Not The End



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