Born and raised in the serene laidback town of Muar south of the Peninsular Malaysia, Silenced Minstrel (born Saiful Nizam bin Shukor, March 28th 1976) was a somewhat of a reluctant misfit from day one. Overly dreamy, brutally honest and shunning the herd mentality of his fellow townsfolk (which invariably resulted in him having few friends and an obvious target of bullying) he tends to keep to himself and developed a whole other world in his head just to endure the harsh times of growing up, which naturally made him gravitating towards music and songwriting (his second love and night job) as well as an avid interest in the science-fiction and fantasy genres (his first love and current day job). After finishing high school in 1993 he finally had the courage to began the gruelling task of making his dream of making a living playing his own kind of music a reality, and it's something that is still ongoing even to this day, but with chequered results at best. Having a wonderfully vast taste in music but preferring heavy metal and new age genres as his main influence, Silenced Minstrel aims to synthesize all that he had observed around him with his own dreams and experience and reproduces it in all of his works. Apart from fronting the one-man-band Shadowed Grace, he is also the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for an underground death metal band Halun, currently working on several studio outputs.

Shadowed Grace - Innocence
1. A Mother's Lullabye - 5:08
2. Innocence - 7:01
3. Laments - 4:42
4. My Soulflight Journey - 5:12

These songs are musical snapshots of some of the most depressive time of my life, being told in chords and melodies because I didn't have anything to say but a lot on my mind during those trying times. I wrote them down because I believe that there is strength in sharing, in understanding and in living out each other's pain and sorrow in song and music, regardless of whether or not we know who the artists are/were. There is so much being left unsaid about sad people joining together and find unity within their sorrows, but here I am volunteering to be the first one to voice out that fact through my music. And even if my music has no voice, what is hidden in the background is actually more powerful a medium of dissertation than any single oratory device in the world at large, and here's hoping that deep within this darkness of our life, we will find the light and make out of this dreary tunnel alive! Thanks for listening. Regards!
Silenced Minstrel @ Saiful Nizam Shukor



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