In the beginning, there was nothing. The world that we know at present, did not exist yet. Then there was a battle, a battle between Light and Darkness, a battle that is meant to last for all eternity. And from this battle, the Universe was born. Those who sides with the Light, serves their cause for the Light, and those who sides with Darkness, they do whatever they goddamn want! And thus this balance is forever tested, and as long this balance is tested, order and chaos will dominate the affairs of Mankind! 

And at the heart of the enemy camp, deep within the legion that serves the Darkness, there was never an entity so dreaded, so hated and so profaned, than the abomination called HALUN! A force not to be reckoned with, it lurks deep within the recesses of sapient minds, the dead zone, the part of the body that is destined never to function, and it works its way into psychically dominating mankind and enslave them day and night, preparing the hapless and the ignorant for an eternity of servitude, working for the All Seeing Eye when the comes for it to come down from the sky and reign over mankind! 

Four chosen musicians first discovered this entity back in 1996, the quartet of aspiring, talented metal musicians from the southern Malaysian town of Muar that reluctantly made a pact with this nefarious one, and with its blessings, the four metalheads began to compose music of darkness and evil, and, over the course of time, paid the price of that pact with their life!

But even after one-by one of those poor, hapless souls fall into an eternity of sufferance, unprepared to serve their own darkside and thus got eaten by it, the band survives in one form or another right up to this day, always churning up blasphemous and contemptuous dirges of the unholy kind, always preferring the shadow of the underground scene, and constantly sharpening their fangs, polishing their swords and shields, waiting for the call to genocide and slavery of the twisted blackness to come and let the slaying of the aerial kinds to commence!

This is HALUN. The band, the abomination, and the means to an end. And the last thing that you would ever hear before mortality calls you home! And with the advent of cyberwarfare, HALUN's music will soon infect the entire Internet and desecrate all your ideals, forever!

Have a nice death!

Halun - Blood-Red Tears
1. My Fear My World - 4:30
2. Blood-Red Tears - 6:40

Halun is a two-man death metal band from Malaysia that has been in existence in one form or another since the early days of 1996. Starting out as a thrash metal band in the southern peninsula town of Muar before it mutates into something else (and it's still doing it) little wonder how this band had lasted this long despite living in a country where metal music is SINFUL, BLASPHEMOUS and 100% BANNED; heheheh! With their unique version of death metal tainted with a lot of experimental sounds and concept over the years until a goddamn monster of a sound came out of the metallic womb of the underground scene, you can be rest assured that the menace that is Halun would repeatedly come out of our every song and mercilessly pulverises your puny little brain till it becomes such a darkly lurid mess that Heaven would turned upon itself and leaves you weakling posers dazed and enraptured till kingdom come! And if you're not a fan yet, this single album of ours would eventually enslaves you, heheheh! Stay dark and lifeless!
Silenced Minstrel @ Saiful Nizam Shukor



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