EVIL ROTTING (since 1988) is now back on track after 20 years of silence with the upcoming 4th issue. Unleashed on 1st May 2013 with new layouts, new features and new gizmos. Featuring interview with brutal acts such as KATHGOR - STOMPIN GROUND - UNCHALLENGED HATE - NETHERION - DIONYSUS - AFTERDEATH - HELLARISE - HUMILIATION - DERKETA - MASQUERADER - WAKK THUU - INCANTATION - SUCCUBUS - LAVATORY - MANTAK - PAGANFIRE - PRIME EVIL - DOG FACED CORPSE - DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION - POSION IDEA - FUNERUS - IMPIETY - DEATHMARCHED - CONVULSE - UNHOLY GRAVE - plus reviewed on band such as BELLIGERENCE - NEFTARAKA - VOIVOD - ORCHID - and tons more. Over 90 pages of madness Xerox paper with printed glossy cover which is available for USD5, EU5 or RM10. No trading as this is in a limited copy printed magazine. Write to Azizi (Bob), No.8A, Jln Mawar 1, Tmn Mawar, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor - Malaysia or email us at agigi_gore@hotmail.com. Also available thru Grundar Production. Hurry up before it is gone!!!

Starting on the 1st of June, we will be working on the next issue#5 which is schedule to be out in Oct/November 2013. We will improvise more on the layouts and other gizmos and will comes with a free cd sampler hopefully. Local bands do send me ur preview material for a possible review in ERZ. I will buy ur stuff! Watch out for the next suffering as we just hook up for an exclusive interview with the mighty ABHORER - MUTATION - NECROTIC CHAOS - POSSESSED - SINISTER and few more older Deathmetal bands.Pure hate and madness in ERZ!!!!!


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