AFTERLIFE PRODUCTIONS - cfb 017: RATOR "Evil Symphony" Demo 7"

Afterlife Productions honoring our one and only extreme ancient Malaysian Black/Death Metal cult - RATOR! Their monumental “Evil Symphony” 1989 demo finally re-unleashed on 7” vinyl for the first time ever! They were the first of its kind to unleash a demo in our underground history! Recorded at the legendary Hellion Studio, before the other important local underground acts that later followed using the same place. Crude recording, raw and nasty! Evil as fuck! Highly dedicated jacket sleeve with original cover artwork, hand-written liner notes, actual and correct information about this recording, tons of old photos, etc. It comes with an insert containing detailed band’s history and lyrics. A definitive Rator release approved by the original band member! Undoubtedly an in-depth voyage to the old Malaysian Metal scene! Strictly limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. Co-released with Nusantarajim Productions. Retail only. No trades accepted.

RM35 / 7$ USD (world)

Maybank account: 1143 - 7401 - 5840
Overseas customers please order here: http://afterlifeprod.bigcartel.com

RM strictly for Malaysian resident. Including registered shipping.
USD for overseas customers. Registered airmail shipping added at bigcartel.com


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