MANTAK pada masa ini dilaporkan sedang dalam proses rakaman untuk album kelima mereka bakal berjudul "Morbid Deathfuck". Rakaman dijalankan di studio Eyes & Ears Production, Kota Kinabalu di bawah kendalian Chris Pareira yang telah bekerjasama dengan MANTAK semenjak album "Sabahell's Blasphemer" lagi. "Morbid Deathfuck" dijangka akan menghidangkan 8 buah lagu baru dari MANTAK. Berikut dalam Kenyataan Rasmi dari pihak band mengenai rakaman tersebut:

The new recording of our fifth full length assault is already in progress since last month. Everything's seems just fine and almost 70% done. For those who still unclear about this, this new full length is being recorded at the Eyes & Ears Production (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia) under our own local producer Chris Pareira which also already work with us before through the Sabahell's Blasphemer album. Will be entitled MORBID DEATHFUCK that now pregnant a newly fresh 8 unholy tracks of Unmerciful thunderous eariping hellhyms that expected to be born to be a total pain and torment to the holy ears of religious motherfuckers out there!!. Will be update about the recording ritual from time to time from now on. You guys also could follow us on our twitter page for updates here (twitter.com/MantakBlaspheme)!. As the Ramadhan almost come to end and the gates ov hell's will be unlocked soon and by that time expect a complete terror in every fucking definition from a long time hunger Djinn from the majestic island ov northern Borneo.


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