Back in 2010, after the release of Immortalis in 2009, Filsufatia ventured forward with its flirtations with atmospheric and depressive black metal with the release of another demo in that vein, Echoes of the Yonder. Thinking that the moniker, Filsufatia (a distortion of the word the philosopher in arabic), was a bit overly dramatic and compliment very little to the new direction of the band, Deep (the man behind Filsufatia) opted to use his name instead. The band was called Deep for a couple of months and the demo was then released as a split under a local net lable, Hellkult Propaganda, with another local band, Animist, later in 2010. When the band changed it's name back to Filsufatia, the demo was rereleased as Echoes of the Yonder in that same year. This demo is now being redistributed for those who never got the chance to experience the evolution of the band. Enjoy.

SUMBER: The Bullet Belt Press | MUAT-TURUN: mediafire.com/?d8swfu0ruwsusq3

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