NOTA: Ini merupakan sebuah ulasan/rebiu yang mana saya ambil dari laman ENCYCLOPAEDIA METALLUM. Ia merupakan sebuah ulasan yang baik dan jujur ke atas salah-satu rilisan terawal dari OMEN berjudul "Observance Of Baphometized" dalam format tape dirilis oleh label UK iaitu Thorn Laceration Records sekitar tahun 2009. Maaf jika ulasan ini diambil tanpa keizinan. Saya sekadar mahu mengarkibkan penulisan ini di sini. Ianya ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris, mahu tak mahu baca sahaja lah, huhu..

Omen is one more Malaysian black metal horde which was picked up for release by the British label Thorn Laceration Records, who seems to enjoy releasing obscure bands from "exotic" countries. What we can hear on their "Observance of Baphometized" EP is something really raw, primitive and old-school. 

There are 8 tracks on the tape, 2 of them being covers of the bands Nebiras and Langsuyr, who appear to be the legends of Malaysian metal scene and probably I have to check them out in the future, at least the Langsuyr song sounds interesting. The band mentions few more Malaysian bands as their influences in the thanks list of the tape booklet, and again, these bands are totally unknown to me, but besides them they name Darkthrone, Burzum and King Diamond. Well, I can't hear any evident Burzum or King Diamond influences, but, of course, they have some moments close to old Darkthrone (though the same can be said about each second black metal band around here). So, I will assume that Omen stays true to the Malaysian school of black metal, but, of course, I can draw parallels with the other bands, which are more familiar to the average listener. As I said before, this record is primitive and old-school, following the path of late 80's - early 90's classic black metal, with some trails of death metal. The music is really so primitive and repetitive that sometimes it seems that they play the same few riffs and drum patterns throughout all the songs, but, hell, it works, as it worked for Beherit or Profanatica! And despite the aforementioned repetitiveness the ones who have good ear for similar stuff will surely mark out certain moments on this EP, I think it would be hard to not remember the song like "Wrath of Black Witchery". 

Generally, I'm quite satisfied with this release, it's brutal, catchy and bearing old-school "garage" spirit. Recommended for those who got tired of bedroom shit, who like old stuff like Beherit or Profanatica, or who are simply looking for something exotic in a sense of geographical origin.

Review by Fulgurius taken from Encyclopaedia Metallum

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