Herriot returns!

After being absent from the local music scene for almost 8 years, Herriot finally returns to it's rightful place. It also marks the return of founder and vocalist Chen. United with long time partners-in-rhyme Adlan@Ari Stormbringer, co-founder Chop Chaosblood and bassist Afzat, the new materials promise to be more matured and down right melodic death metal. Still in the process of creating wonders with new songs, Herriot hopes to release the mini album "The Flame of Discontent" in the final quarter of 2009. The band members parted in 2001 and left PsychicScream Entertainment(PSE), the legendary Malaysian metal label. Owing their success to the brilliant marketing strategy of Eric (PSE boss), Herriot is now on the look for a new home, a label that can give them full support since they are no longer under PSE. If any label is interested in signing Herriot, do contact the band.

Chen - Vocals
Adlan - 1st guitar
Chop Chaosblood - 2nd guitar
Afzat - Bass
Azim - Drums

Celestial Obelisk - EP (2000)
Transworld Chaos - LP (2001)
The Flame of Discontent - work-in-progress (due 2009)


Herriot would like to thank all the fans and friends who have been supporting us all these years. Thank you for your great support. Hail to the fans!

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