BLOOD LEGION : "Exsanguination" EP

BLOOD LEGION, band Old School Death/Thrash dari Kuala Lumpur telah mengeluarkan EP sulung yang bertajuk "Exsanguination", mempunyai 5 buah lagu. Anda boleh mendengar keseluruhan lagu di MySpace mereka (www.myspace.com/bloodlegion666) atau segera dapatkan EP ini di Campbell Complex.

Nota dari Myspace Blood Legion: In December of 2008, the band entered a studio in Ampang to record the first 5 original BLOOD LEGION tracks, namely Seven, God Of Lies, Blood Legion, Plague and M.M.F.H. The resulting recording, which was entitled EXSANGUINATION (which means ‘fatal blood loss’), stands as a demo/EP hybrid for the band, as it is sold at the low price of a demo CD whilst featuring the recording quality and artwork of a self-released EP. The much-anticipated EP, which proved to be a crowning glory in the band’s career thus far, continues to exceed all expectations set by the band. Apart from receiving positive feedback from Metalheads all over the country, including from several elder statesmen of the local scene, the first 100 copies of EXSANGUINATION were successfully distributed in less than a month from the date of its release – an admirable feat by any measure. Contact us to get your copy now!

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