SANGWITOK 'ZINE : Terbit Isu #7

Ready for sale (RM8/USD5) and trade (write first). We have about 90+ pages, b/w xerox, mixed of English/Malay written and as usual in A5 size. Featuring the same old content like inties with Bereavement (Aus), Mord (Pol), Nibelheim (Ita), Death Invoker (Per), Soul Devour (Spore), Shamanthra (Msia), Prayer Of The Dying (Mal), Wishmaster (Pol), Ulterior Decimation (Msia), Kratornas (Phil), His Name In Vain (USA), Incisor (Msia) and Hereafter (Msia). Plus dusty infometals, obscure artworks, filthy gig report and lousy reviews. All you can have it by asking the mailing address from me at sangwitok@yahoo.com or visit our hellsite (www.sangwitok.stop.to) and hellspace (www.myspace.com/sangwitokzine). For next issue #8 pls send your stuffs now!


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