Afterlife Productions is proud to unearth one of Malaysia’s best kept secrets...

NECROFIST “Demo 1” seven inches (cfb-020)

Afterlife Productions collaborates with Nocturnal Belial (band founder) to re-unleash and re-glorify one of the most sought demos ever in the Malaysian underground Metal scene, his old band: NECROFIST “Demo 1”. The one and only release by them. A band that broke up too soon and later changed their moniker to NEBIRAS (that became a notorious Black Metal acts)! The demo 7 vinyl format is out now for real! First time on vinyl! Originally released 24 years ago in 1991, this demo represented what old Malaysian Death Metal demo all about, crude sounds, straight forward riffs and raw edges. Recorded at Amerah Studio with a limited studio equipment. Hear these 2 lengthy tracks on this demo and get a clear picture! NECROFIST introduced their theme “Grinding Death Metal” (outtakes from Horror films) during their short life period which was completely a new phenomenon at that time to local scene. This style was immensely copied by other local acts since then. Cover sleeve features various classic NECROFIST photos (most of them are unseen until now) and gig flyers of shows they performed. Brief history about NECROFIST and stories of the late great Yong Altazor written by Nocturnal Belial himself who once used to edit one of the most important zines for the growth of local underground scene from the late 80’s to mid 90’s here (the most fertile period) called Vortex From The East Fanzine! This 7” featured the original band logo that was not featured anywhere before. Cover printed in luxurious gold pantone inks!

This release is dedicated to Yong Altazor (NECROFIST/NEBIRAS founder) who died in a tragic accident in 1993.

RM 35 (Retail RM30 + registered postage RM5)
7$ USD (Retail without airmail postage)

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