BRUTAL ART RECORDS menggandakan sokongan mereka terhadap kewibawaan HUMILIATION bilamana kali ini label Jerman tersebut mengeluarkan pula split HUMILIATION bersama sebuah band asal Thailand, SAVAGE DEITY. Split 7" EP ini terhad kepada 200 salinan sahaja; 80 putih, 65 hijau dan 55 biru. Berikut adalah ulasan yang telah dibuat oleh All About The Rock, sebuah laman Heavy Metal terkemuka terhadap keluaran ini:

I’m a big fan of both Malaysian death metallers Humiliation, and German independent death metal label Brutal Art Records.  So reviewing this new limited edition vinyl split EP was a no brainer!

Side A of the EP gives us Devastation by Humiliation, and fans of the band will know what to expect – two tracks of pulverising war-obsessed death metal with chugging guitars, rasping vocals, and a subtle nod to Bolt Thrower.  I don’t know how these guys manage to be so productive in the sheer number of albums and EPs they continue to record, but these two tracks are as good as anything else the band have released.

Side B of the EP gives us War Crime – two tracks by Savage Deity, a death metal band from Thailand.  They aren’t a band I’ve come across before, but I really like these two tracks and will definitely be checking out their 2014 debut album, Amulet of Sin.  This is old school death metal – in the vein of early Morbid Angel, but with more technical guitar work.  The production is quite raw, but the song writing is superb and both tracks are catchy as hell.

The musical production on all four tracks on this split EP is first class.  The EP, as ever with Brutal Art Records, is beautifully packaged with colour covers and full lyrics.  Not only that, but the vinyl comes in one of three fantastic colours – white, free, or blue!

This is another impressive release from Brutal Art Records – so help support this independent label and get yourself a copy of this before it sells out – check out the links below !

Score: 8.5 out of 10 | Source: allabouttherock.co.uk

Side A: Humiliation
01. Confrontation
02. Tank
Side B: Savage Deity
03. Unit 731
04. Dead Railway

Summer 2015

Record Label
Brutal Art Records


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