1. So it is official. Fragile Branch will be rereleasing Filsufatia's sixth demo, Buried Beneath & Forgotten. There will be one additional track called Senja Murung that has never been released. If you are interested, please contact them for more information. Spread the Malaysian Depreshvn!

2. The other day, my good friend Paul Ravenwood of Twilight Fauna, gave me a sample of In December with vocals in it. It has really inspired me to try and experiment with vocals with the new songs. So yeah... the final demo will be with vocals.. Lifelorn, get the mics ready, we gon record us some vocals.

3. In December (The Final Chapter). Do not listen to this song if you are emotionally unstable. This song is about losing everything in life. Everything. The only thing that made you continue your journey is the memories. Listen: http://soundcloud.com/filsufatia/filsufatia-in-december-the

4. Proposed cover artwork for South American re-release of "Melancolia" is still under construction.

5. 8 years. 8 demos. 46 official compositions. The invisible anvil of not wanting to repeat and recycle forcing me towards a massive mental exhaustion. Maybe "The End" would the best title for the ninth demo.


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