Penulisan berikut diambil dari laman The Bullet Belt Press bukan atas dasar menciplak ataupun menceroboh hakcipta penulisan asal tetapi lebih kepada perkongsian maklumat dan tanda sokongan dari pihak Ekstrim ke atas hasil penulisan tersebut. Ianya ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris disiarkan semula dalam Ekstrim tanpa sebarang perubahan. Baca, sokong & hebahkan kepada rakan-rakan anda. Selamanya Metal Malaysia!

One man Melancholic instrumental Black Metal, FILSUFATIA have joined forces with another ambient black metal band from the Appalachian mountains, TWILIGHT FAUNA to release a digital split titled Fallen Leaves in a Tide of Sorrow with both bands contributing 2 songs each. The 2 songs from Filsufatia were taken from their upcoming 2013 demo, which is currently on hold due to the sole member of the band had to go and schedule updates for a lousy blog called The Bullet Belt. The split will also be released in tape format by a Canadian label called Spectrelight Recordings. Check Filsufatia out if you like melancholic atmospheric orchestral black instrumental music.

Penang Raw Black Metal tyrant, MEDUSSA SAFANNAH, have released their promo titled VAR through Qalaqas Black Art. The promo contains 4 tracks of pure grim, minimal and lo fi gritty black metal and its only RM20 a piece. It comes with a free mini poster and free postage. Check the band out.

SAPPRAH is a eastern death thrash metal band from Kemaman, Terengganu. They are currently in the studios recording their debut. This 4 piece band was formed back in 2010 cited Morbid Angel and Napalm Death with a few other local warlords in the likes of Dark Nirrajim and As Sahar as their main influences. That should be an interesting combination in my book. Check them out.
SAPPRAH | Facebook

After releasing their debut demo, Danse Macabre, back in 2012 and a debut EP titled Ars Moriendi under their own label, One man Malaysian Ambient/Depressive instrumental black metal band, MAQABIR, have released their follow up single titled The Arrival of Azrael/Archangel of Death. We also learned that the band is currently in talks with Depressive Illusion, one of the more premier label for Depressive Black Metal music, from Ukraine, to release their collection of songs in tape format. Watch out for this extremely obscure Malaysian band.
MAQABIR | Bandcamp

Another promising one man band, LIFELORN from the muddy banks of Kuala Lumpur, is also meditating in the studios recording their debut full length through their own label, Regolith Records. Lifelorn plays some sort of an amalgamation of Post Rock, Black Metal and Shoegaze, or what some people would fancy it nowadays as Blackgaze. The man behind Lifelorn, which happens to be a good friend of mine, was also the main culprit behind the awesome now defunct depressive black metal one man band called Animist. If you like transcending instrumentals, then you should try and check this band out.
LIFELORN | Facebook

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