Founded in 2014 with band members; Gary Chin (guitars), Mark James (guitars) and Evan Tan (drums). MORPHING MINDS is a Melodic Death Metal piece straight from the heart of Penang to the world. The band aiming to establish a paradigm shift of reversed negativity to the extreme music scene. MORPHING MINDS is proud to announce the release of their first single "Once" published on Jun 1, 2015. The track "Once" embodies the message of courage and strength over fear and despair.

The measure of a man
Comes not in his possesion
We come to this world with nothing
We leave with nothing
But a legacy to be remembered by
Be that legacy of light in the darkness

Remove the sense of self doubt
In times of unrelenting darkness
Dig Deep
Seek strength to overcome your fear

Descend no more
Rise above the horizon
In binds no more
Leaving behind the broken chain

Don’t you know time waits for no man
Do not regret your yesterdays
One chance that’s all it takes
One chance before you break

Here is where we make our stand
Never backing down
Exorcising the ghost of your past
The time is now!

With the single MORPHING MINDS kicks odd a new wave of Penang melodic death metal. The band hope you enjoy listening to it as much as they enjoyed producing it. Source: youtu.be/RxYwKoAcEcE | facebook.com/morphingmindsband.

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